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City of Bowie Voter Information


City Council Overview 

The Bowie City Council consists of six Councilmembers and one Mayor, who is elected every two years. Beginning with the November 2015 election, the terms of office will change from two to four years and elections will be held every four years.

The Mayor and two Councilmembers are elected at large. The other four Councilmembers are elected by their respective districts. Elections are non-partisan. You must be 18 years old to run for Mayor and have lived in the city for two years. You must be 18 years old to run for City Council and have lived in the city for one year. 

Form of Government

 The City of Bowie has a Council / Manager form of government. The Council is the governing body of the city, elected by, and responsible to the voters for the operation of the city. The Council has oversight function and general responsibility for municipal affairs through budgeting and setting policy. 

The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Council and the ceremonial head of the government. The Mayor Pro Tem serves in place of the Mayor at meetings and ceremonial events, when the Mayor is absent. The Council selects the Mayor Pro Tem at its first meeting following a city election. 

Regular City Elections

The City of Bowie holds an election every four years. The next City election will be on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. The offices of Mayor and six Councilmembers will be up for election. Residents who are registered voters can file for elected office in the Office of the City Clerk.  Last day for candidates to file is Friday, October 4, 2019.

Voting in City Elections

Only those individuals who permanently reside within the corporate limits of the City of Bowie may vote in city elections. Voters registered with the Prince George's County Board of Elections at a City of Bowie address are automatically registered for city elections.

 Polling Places & Districts

City of Bowie Absentee Ballots Procedures


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