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" WOW!!!. I just finished reading a surprisingly heartfelt story about my life and many of my achievements as a Citizen of Prince George's County, Maryland. The story is about my Godson David Jeffery Grogan  (See our story below), who is running to be the next Bowie City Council Member, District #3. The article is about how we met and how we connected because of our love for politics and how we can make a difference in our community, county, and state is through politics, which drives everything we do to enhance the lives of our Citizens. One thing God gave me is a vision in the qualities to look for in great candidates. As Senior Advisor for the Grogan Campaign, I like his idea of, if elected, he plans to have a town hall meeting every month to give the Citizens, not only in district #3, however, in the entire Bowie Community a chance to be heard." Mayor Chapman, Lake Arbor

"For you, Bowie Voters, I'm not a celebrity, however, if you want to meet me (The Honorary Mayor) who has done so much to enhance the lives of Citizens in this County and State, come to the polls on Election Day where I will be supporting and voting for David Jeffery Grogan. I will be happy to shake your hand. I will be there from sun-up to sun-down working hard for my Godson Dave, who will make a difference in your lives" Mayor Chapman, Lake Arbor

David W. Chapman, affectionately called “Prince Georges County’s Mayor Chapman,” or “The Mayor” is a husband, father, grandfather, educator, community advocate, and political force who passionately works to serve the Prince Georges County, Maryland citizens. 

Mayor Chapman and his godson Dave Grogan have both since early childhood been in the political trenches advocating for minority rights, children, excellent schools, economic opportunities, neighborhood safety, and community unity. Their synergy forged an alliance that has been unshakable for many years.


In 1967, Mayor Chapman began his community work in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, where he worked hard to forge a better community for future generations. Some of his other successes included Barnaby Community Swimming Pool, Oxon Run Recreation Center, where he fought for more school buses in growing neighborhoods and rallied the community to elect the best candidates within his district.

In 1988, Mayor Chapman and his family moved to Lake Arbor in Mitchellville, Maryland. As noted in Black Enterprise Magazine (Tucker, 2017), this new community landed in the top 10 affluent African American communities in the United States primarily due to its residents driving commitment to create a wholesome place to raise their families. 

Mayor Chapman, along with other vested residents, had a vision for the community that included top-notch new schools, a state-of-the-art recreational center, a family conscious retail space, and an active community. As developers began breaking ground in Lake Arbor, the Mayor rallied top officials to ensure that the residents’ wishes from his neighborhood were heard and taken into account.

Because of the Mayor’s strong leadership and advocacy in Prince Georges County, he quickly became well known and respected. His efforts became known throughout the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia area. Word of his accomplishments spread to Media outlets like the Washington Post, who acknowledged David Chapman as the Mayor of Lake Arbor. 

Mayor David Chapman has campaigned and consulted with many of the senior elected officials in the State of Maryland; moreover, they have looked to Mayor Chapman for advice, direction, and strategy. About three years ago, one of the most significant political races took place, for Senator Chris Van Hollen, where Mayor Chapman was a strategic force for the Senators Campaign. 


Mayor Chapman always is an active father to his daughters and has been lovingly married to his wife for over 57+ years. The love and affection between them are infectious. The Mayor always wanted a son, and little did he know he would meet Dave Grogan and forge a bond built on love, admiration, and respect. He now affectionately calls Dave Grogan his godson.

While working the polls, a well-dressed, charismatic campaign worker named David Jeffrey Grogan asked if Mayor Chapman was on site. Like minds connected to the political issues of the day. After having a great conversation, Dave Grogan accidentally left his computer iPad behind, and the Mayor called him to let him know he had his computer tablet. Dave stopped by the Mayor’s house to pick up his iPad, which he affectionately calls his “lifeline,” and that was the beginning of a profound journey. 

During the loss of David Grogan’s Mom, the Mayor and Dave formed an unshakeable bond as the Mayor stayed by Dave’s side, loving and tending to him like a father to his son. From that point on, the Mayor called David, his godson, and the son he dreamed of, but he never had. Dave not only gained a father but he also now has an extended family – The Chapman family, who love him as one of their own. 


In 2016, I happened to be seated next to Major Chapman during a Senator Chris Van Hollen vs. Congresswoman Donna Edwards Candidate for Maryland U.S. Senate forum and debate.

What drew me to Major Chapman was his boldness. I was in awe that the Mayor was wearing a Senator Van Hollen’s t-shirt while directly expressing his displeasure to Congresswomen Edwards. I sat next to him while he vigorously informed Congresswoman Edwards that his wife supports her, but he does not. I loved his boldness while maintaining his calm temperament and felt like I needed to get to know this man, and so I introduce myself. 

I was shocked to learn that his name was “David” Chapman. It was at that point our spirits connected. I later ran into him again, working Ernest Everett Just Middle School polling during the elections. Mayor Chapman distinctly remembers my wearing an all-white suit with my Maryland bowtie. 

While I spent time at each polling station throughout the county, moving from one location to the next, I inadvertently forgot my iPad at Ernest Everett Just Middle School, assuming I would later return to retrieve it. Major Chapman realized that I left it behind and kept it in his possession and called me to let me know he had my iPad and would keep it until I could pick it up at his home. During our discussion, the Mayor informed me of an invitation the Mayor received to attend Senator Van Hollen’s victory celebration. 

When I went to the Mayor’s home to retrieve my iPad, I volunteered to give him a ride to the victory celebration. During the victory celebration, I was once again shocked to witness Mr. Chapman receiving an invitation to join Senator Van Hollen, Congressman Steny Hoyer, and many other political VIPs on stage to be acknowledged.

Later I would learn from him that he is referred to as “Mayor Chapman” due to the Washington Post writing an extensive article about his many years of work in the community and named him the Honorary Mayor of Lake Arbor. I learned that he was the force behind getting new schools, recreation centers, and he even played a crucial role in naming Lake Arbor Elementary School and Ernest Everett Just Middle School. 

I learned quickly that Mayor Chapman and I have so much in common. Mayor Chapman and I both became community advocates and activists for most of our lives, both beginning our calling as a teenager. 

Once I became a Federal Law Enforcement Agent, I learned that my dad, who was absent from my life, was a career criminal, and a heroin addict.

Spending a great deal of time with Mayor Chapman, I have come to realize that he is like the supportive father I never had. The Mayor is always the first to rally around my efforts, coming out to support me in every way he possibly can from holding up signs when campaigning, handing out palm cards, making calls to advising me on spiritual and life situations. He supports my decisions and is a great advisor. 

I have always admired the fact that Mayor Chapman has never smoked, drank, or cursed in his entire life. He is genuinely a Godly man who dated his wife and has been by her side for 65 years and married to the same lovely wife for over 57+ years. I loved it when his daughter Kay Chapman shared that since her childhood, she has witnessed her Dad on his knees, praying daily.

I always admired when he gleams with pride when he talks about how he courted his wife when they were teenagers. He beams with pride when he talks about being his then girlfriend’s number #1 fan while she played basketball. 

I’ve also admired Mayor Chapman’s adoration for his two daughters and his grandkids; I especially love the way his whole being lights up whenever he speaks about them and the new things they are doing or encountering in their lives. 

They are a close-knit family full of spirituality, love, and gratitude. These are qualities that I admire and try hard to emulate. Mayor Chapman and I talk regularly a few times a week, and I know I can always count on him to give me sound advice and direction. 

I never realized what I missed in not having an active, loving, and supportive Father until I met my God Father Mayor Chapman. He is genuinely like the Dad I envisioned; yet, I never had in my life.

Thanks, Mayor Chapman, for all your love and support!


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Dave is actively involved in various organizations that are having a major impact on his district #3 and the City of Bowie as a whole. He believes that every citizen and its household should be responsible for its community affairs, therefore, he likes to educate the community on the various activities and committees that they have an opportunity to partake.

Dave encourages all of us to get involved in maintaining the high standards of excellence for all Bowie citizens and make a positive impact in our neighborhoods. 

As a Veteran and a Veteran’s Advocate, Dave's main concerns for veterans centers around the high rate of suicides and homelessness that plaque returning veterans. Dave works tirelessly to help Veterans obtain resources and support in these areas by aligning with organizations throughout the state such as: 

The Free State Marines Detachment, MCL, Bowie, MD, Department of Veterans Affairs
Vet Centers
American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Disabled American Veterans
Wounded Warrior Project
Hire Heroes USA
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


As a Proud Father, Dave understands the challenges every parent faces day-to-day and he is well aware of the basic necessities all our Bowie families rely on and expect our City of Bowie to provide such as safe neighborhoods, excellent schools systems, healthy food options, safe and clean bike trails, and parks. Go to cityofbowie.org and see all the great initiatives the city is engaging and Dave will advocate for the citizens to ensure your voices are heard.


Dave is a servant leader whose leadership in the community is demonstrated in his everyday activities – be it attending city meetings, volunteering, helping out at the schools or with our senior citizens.  He is about delivering real results for District #3 and Bowie Citizens.  Dave will advocate and put the city government to work for us. Dave wants to encourage every citizen of the City of Bowie to get actively involved in the cities government committees. If you see a committee of interest - get involved and get your children involved. Here is a list and more information can be found at cityofbowie.org:


City of Bowie List of Committees

Administrative Review Board

Reviews and decides appeals after the issuance of a municipal infraction; also serves as the Board of Appeals to consider and decide on variance requests.

Advisory Planning Board

Advises the City Council on matters in the area of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses and development; annexations; zoning changes; building codes; transportation; public services and facilities; and many other matters referred by the City Council.

Board of Elections

This board oversees the registration of voters, nominations for elected office and all city elections.

Arts Committee

The City’s Arts Committee advises the City Council on matters related to the visual and performing arts.

Board of Personnel Appeals

Conducts a hearing, at the request of any employee, when he or she feels an unjust personnel action has been received.

Community Outreach Committee

Promotes community welfare matters relating to the needs and resources of the community.

Community Recreation Committee

Works for the continued coordination and improvement of recreational facilities in the city.

Diversity Committee

This committee advises the City Council on matters relating to diversity.

Economic Development Committee

Provides advice to City Council on issues of economic and community development.

Education Committee

Studies and provides forums on issues or developments in education within public schools attended by residents of the city, provides recognition of student achievement and teacher excellence, advises the City Council on education matters, oversees private donations for high school students, and develops efforts to improve the educational advantages for resident high school students.

Environmental Advisory Committee

This committee was established in October 2007 to recommend policies and programs to the City Council relating to the environment, on such issues as natural resource management, wildlife habitat protection, energy efficiency, watershed stewardship, pollution prevention, beautification, tree canopy preservation, and green policies.

Ethics Commission

Interprets the Ethics Article of the City Code; reviews Financial Disclosure Statements; issues of Advisory Opinions; oversees Lobbying Registration & Reporting; & addresses Ethics Complaints. 

Financial Advisory Committee

Provides advice regarding accounting practices and principles, budgeting, grant administration, and financial reporting.

Green Team Executive Committee

The Bowie Green Team works with City staff to develop policies and plans and outreach programs to build a more sustainable community.

Information Technology Committee

Serves as a forum for citizen input concerning information and technology issues and monitors legislative and technological trends on matters relating to the use and operation of the cable television system in the city.

Public Safety Committee

Examines public safety issues to determine how best to improve and enhance public safety in the city.


Dave wants to encourage you to get involved with your city government and help keep Bowie vibrant and healthy for all its citizens! If you see any of these organizations or committees you would like to be involved or if you would like to find out more information, please contact the City of Bowie or Contact us on our Contact tab above and we will try to assist you in getting to the right people in your area of interest.


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